Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Been Far Too Long.....

So much has happened since I have last posted. :)  If you remember my last post I was asking for donations for a double carseat/stroller combo.  Well, thanks to everyone that gave, we were able to raise enough money to purchase that for one of our teen moms at Oak House!  She was SO grateful for the gift and it was so fun to suprise her!  Brittany is such a special girl!  She was at GW for about 10 months and in January gave birth to 2 beautiful boys!  Those babies became her world and she is an amazing mom!  It's so fun to watch her be mommy to those boys.  This month Brittany successfully graduated the program and moved back home with mom!! WooHoo!! Brittany, keep doing what you're doing!  You're awesome and I miss you like crazy!

 On May 9th our sweet Paisley Grace turned 2!  I can hardly believe that my baby is 2 already.  Time just goes by so very fast!  We waited to celebrate with Dustin's family until our visit home over Memorial Day.  Erin made her an awesome rainbow cake and she loved every last bite!  She is just getting so big and talking more and more each day!

Then on June 4th we completed our last day as Houseparents at Gateway Woods.  After 5 years of houseparenting, we felt like God was telling us that our time at Gateway was coming to an end.  Back in January we accepted a position at The New Beginnings in Cape Coral, Florida!!  What a change it has been!  I miss GW, I miss Oak House, I miss our friends, I miss our church!  But I know that this is where God wants us and that excited me!  It has been different and hard to adjust to this new life.  We have been going, going, going and now we are kind of just going slow.  And that's ok....it's just different.  And we are a little over an hour from my parents house.  How wonderful is that!!  It's incredible!  

This has been our home for the last 5 years and we have grown so much here!  2 of our babies were born here, birthdays were celebrated, we had good times, we had hard times.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  :)
But I am missing this girl SO very much!  I would consider her one of my very best friends. My hope is that one day 1200 miles won't separate us!!
This is where we call home now and it's starting to feel like home more and more each day!  Pray for us!  Pray for our kids!  We are excited to join a new mission field and try to reach out to moms that are hurting in the name of Jesus!  What an opportunity we have been given!  

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Joy said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! Hope things are going well and you are starting to feel settled. Miss you guys!